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Message SwitchTwo-factor Authentication

Our API platform is used by a large number of customers for Two-factor Authentication (2FA). For them we send about 1.000.000 2FA massages per day.

For those who say: What does 2FA mean?! 2FA is a method of authentication that asks users besides their username and password combination, to provide another form of indication. We support this by sending One-time Passwords (OTP) to the clients phone via Text-to-Speech or SMS.

Setting up 2FA at our platform is really a matter of minutes. And there is no need to integrate our code to your application. Just a REST API to communicate with our platform, that’s all. It’ll keep your codes nice and clean : )

Call forwarding

Another feature that’s one of our clients favourite is the easy call forwarding. With this you can easily buy a DID number from several countries in the world and let it forward to another phone number. Once you’ve the phone numbers, setting up the forwarding literally takes only one minute. Adjusting the forwarding is really simple as well.

Home Location Register lookup

Thru our API platform it’s very easy to make Home Location Register lookups (HLR-lookups) as well.

The Home Location Register is a database in which information of all users is stored. The HLR contains information about the identity of the user, his phone number, the services to which it is subscribed and general information about where it is located. The exact location is kept in a Visitor Location Register (VLR).

With HLR-lookups you can real time check:

  • The mobile network operator to which a number currently belongs.
  • The country in which the network operator and the phone customer are located.
  • The MCC (Mobile Country Code), the MNC (Mobile Network Code), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and MSC (Mobile Switching Centre) of the phone number.
  • Whether the number is currently active, has been deactivated, or was never registered — and therefore whether the number is valid or invalid.

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