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2FA, the new standard is there

Lessons learned from hacks

Hackers did some teaching of how it should not be done last years. The PlayStation Network was hacked, Apple tech support gave hackers access to iCloud accounts, Amazon showed the hackers part of credit card numbers and Twitter accounts were hacked and taken over. This all could have been prevented by using Two-factor Authentication (2FA).

Sony implemented the 2FA for new passwords

After all these events, Sony finally implemented Two-factor Authentication for their Sony Entertainment Network. After updating the PS3 to version 4.80, users now have to verify their identity with their phone. When changing the password, Sony sends a Two-factor Authentication code to your phone by  SMS. With this code you can verify your identity by inserting it in your account.

Facebook and Microsoft already got 2FA implemented earlier to verify their users. They use it by mobile messaging for restoring the passwords when a user forgot their password.

SWIFT is even offering 2FA services to their clients for free now

SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging, takes Two-factor authentication even one step further. They now offer 2FA as a service for their clients for free to implement.

Although using the 2FA service itself is free, their clients still have to pay for the sending of the SMS to the end users. The rates for these are not out in the open.

Two-factor Authentication via SMS and Text-to-Speech calls

Highside offers Two-factor Authentication as well on a pay as you use base. This means that you’re paying for the message you send to your users via SMS or Text-to-Speech. But you don’t pay for the processing of the 2FA services.

Looking for Two-factor Authentication?

With our flexible API platform you can integrate 2FA via SMS and phone calls with a simple HTTP request. Please do contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.

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