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Communication platform update: Order virtual (DID) phone numbers & use a ‘between’ value

This blog post is to inform you of the latest updates on the Highside communication API platform.
These include overall enhancements, bug-fixes, feature requests and new products. Do you have a feature request or an idea to enhance our platform? Please share your thoughts with us!

Frequently requested features

Our ‘If this then that’ step now has a ‘between’ value
The ‘If this then that’ step of our platform is one of the most used steps for the more advanced IVR-menu and SMS projects. With this step you can use regular expressions to create dependencies on certain events or values. For example ‘if the phone number starts with +31, send the Dutch SMS text’.

Now we’ve enhanced this step with the ‘between’ option. This makes it possible to check when a value is between two distinct values, such as time: ‘If timestamp is between 9.00 and 17.00 hours, play an alternative Text-to-Speech message’ (see example below). With this you can build more advanced IVR-menu or SMS based projects.


If this then that step - Communication API


All Activity Report
We’ve created an ‘All Activity Report’ where you can see the activity of all of your projects.
This report gives you an overview of everything that’s happening in your projects. Perfect for error and event tracking. To view this report, simply click on Reports in the top menu and select the All Activity Report.

Use ‘SMS cost’ as a output value
It was already possible to see your SMS costs in the billing report of your account. However after speaking with our customers, we found out that some of you would also like to return these SMS costs directly into your own application. We’ve therefore added SMS cost as an output for the ‘SMS delivery status update’ trigger and the ‘Send SMS’ step. These outputs can then easily be sent back to your own application in real time through steps such as ‘set http trigger response’.

You can now store files up to 5 MB in your media library
We received feedback that customers using our platform for IVR menus often needed to upload larger voice (.wav) files to the media library. We’ve decided accordingly to increase the maximum individual file size for all media library uploads to 5MB; no more problems with large IVR-menu files!


Message Switch API platform


New services

Order virtual (DID) phone numbers for Voice and SMS
We’ve added the possibility to order virtual phone numbers for voice and SMS on our API communication platform. If you need a virtual phone number for your telecom or SMS project, just go to ‘Numbers’ in the top-menu of your account and click on ‘Order number’. We’ll process your order from there.

Bug fixes

Timestamp in ‘Get current time’ step gives back the wrong time zone
In some cases, the function ‘get current time’ returned the UTC instead of the local time zone set in your account. This now is fixed.

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