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Interactive Voice Response, or IVR in short, is an interactive menu that you can use to automate inbound and outbound phone calls. With an IVR you can handle large volumes of calls and route them to the right person or caller group. This will decrease waiting time and increase customer satisfaction.

Add one of our DID-numbers to your IVR be reachable in almost every country in the world. Set different languages and options in your IVR to give the caller the best experience based on the caller-ID.

Besides inbound IVR, Interactive Voice Response is used for outbound calling as well. For example with Two-factor authentication, notification messages or phone number verification. Easily define your own IVR menu structure within the graphical user interface of our platform.

And once the IVR is set, you can change it anytime you’d like without expensive setup or handling costs.

Easily set up the IVR-menu on our platform


Choose incoming number
Choose incoming number

Choose the incoming number for which you would like to set the IVR.

Menu setup
Menu setup

Create the menu structure with different paths and DTMF.

Select files or Text-to-Speech
Select files or Text-to-Speech

Now upload the .wav files or set the Text-to-Speech phrases.

Choose the output
Choose the output

Set the output for your IVR-menu to options such as call forwarding or HTTP.

Highside Interactive Voice Response


With the Highside communication platform, setting up any kind of Interactive Voice Response is easy. All done within the graphical user interface, no coding expertise required.

Select phone numbers from all over the world or set up your current numbers for your inbound IVR menu. With the integrated Text-to-Speech module you can automatically set over twenty languages based on the caller location.

Highside has over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry. With our main data centre at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and two redundancy setups in the Netherlands and in Germany; we’re a reliable partner. Our platform and telecom experience gives your IVR services the quality it needs.

Set up in minutes with our easy to use online interface.

Choose to upload voice files or use multilingual Text-to-Speech.

Create inbound and outbound IVR menus.

Pay only for what you use.

Contact us


Would you like to know more about our IVR services or are you looking to use our services? Give us a call, send us an email or complete the contact form below.

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We’re located in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. When you’re around, you are always welcome to visit us for coffee and a chat.

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