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One time password

One-time password login


The importance of robust online security cannot be overstated enough. Every day new reports emerge in the media of intruders gaining access to millions of customers’ data or hackers creating new ways of scheming people.

How then do you keep your customers data secure? The Highside platform helps both smaller local, and large international companies with One-Time Passwords sent via SMS and Voice  in order to secure both the login and registration processes.

Using One-Time Passwords for sign-ups or log-ins prevents a password and username breach from allowing an attacker access. Adding such as a layer of security not only can save you a lot of time and cost, but also gives your customers peace of mind that their information is safe.

Read more about Two-Factor Authentication and other related services for sending One-Time Passwords and start building your flows.

Send OTP messages within minutes
Easy to use online interface
Only pay for what you use

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We’re located in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. When you’re around, you are always welcome to visit us for coffee and a chat.

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