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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication


Most programs and apps only use a single factor to identify and verify their users: the username and password combination. Nowadays, with the growing threat of cyber criminality, the user authentication process requires a second factor to ensure that only the authentic user gets access.

This second authentication factor could, for example, be something users have (ATM card, phone) or a unique physical characteristic (fingerprint, voice). When the first and second authentication factors are combined, we refer to the process as Two-Factor Authentication, often abbreviated as 2FA.

Send 2FA messages within minutes
Easy to use online interface
Only pay for what you use

How does 2FA work?


User logs in or registers
User logs in or registers

A user enters his phone number and is asked to authenticate it.

User receives code
User receives code

Via our encrypted platform the user receives the one-time password via a phone call or SMS.

Continue login
Continue login

The user continues login or registration with their unique 2FA code.

The result?
The result?

The user feels safe and treated with care, knowing that only they have access.

Highside Two-Factor Authentication


Highside offers a proven Two-Factor Authentication service that is easy to set up and flexible to meet your business needs. We send hundreds of thousands of authentication messages via Voice and SMS for our clients each day. As a wholesale telecom provider we’re very scalable and can ensure the highest success rate with the lowest costs.

With our main data centre at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and two redundancy setups in the Netherlands and in Germany; we’re a reliable partner. Whether you’re a bank, security company or start-up, and whether you need one thousand or one million authentications: our experienced business and technical colleagues will be happy to help you to set up the best 2FA service there is.

High delivery rate by using SMS and Voice.

Set up communication flows in minutes with our easy to use online interface.

Everyone with a mobile or landline can be reached, all over the world.

No setup fees. No monthly fees. Pay only for what you use.

Contact us


Would you like to know more about Two-factor authentication or are you looking to use our services? Give us a call, send us an email or complete the contact form below.

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We’re located in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. When you’re around, you are always welcome to visit us for coffee and a chat.

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