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Two way messaging

Two-way messaging


It’s all about timing and, even more importantly, not wasting any. This is not only the case in business, but applies to your customers’ just as much! Interacting and engaging with your customers when they want to and how they want to is more important than ever before.

With our platform you can not only send messages, but you can allow your customers to respond as well. Save time for both of you and make your customer feel empowered!

Let your customers reply to an SMS appointment reminder with “OK” or “Reschedule” and schedule a new time from there. Or make a Text-to-Speech phone call for a survey and let the customer interact through DTMF.

Make it easy for yourself and your customers. Read more about the services which have Two-way messaging possibilities and start building.

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Would you like to know more about the Two-way messaging, or are you looking to use our services? Give us a call, send us an email or complete the contact form below.

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We’re located in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. When you’re around, you are always welcome to visit us for coffee and a chat.

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